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hellooo cupcakes!! (✿◠‿◠) it’s time again to choose my next botm for september~
a link on my blog for the month of september
a follow back if i’m not already following
friendship, if you want it? :3
frequent promotions to x,xxx
double promos whenever you’d like one~
must be following me
reblogs only, but you may like for reference
better chances to be picked if you’re a kawaii, japanese, pink or anime blog
check out my july botm nyu-u and my august botm neowtalie
i’m going to pick 5 of my favourites on the 1st of september and the winner will be picked with a random generator. there will be no poll!!

choosing today!! last chance to enter~
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Mitarashi dango by J-3 on Flickr.
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